Testimonies and Endorsements

  • The 33 Days of Morning Glory Consecration has helped me grow personally in my faith and draw closer to Jesus. It has also bore much fruit for our parish. I pray that the same will occur for you.

    Fr. Ron Haft
  • The 33 Days to Morning Glory consecration is extremely powerful and life-changing. I can attest to this because I was in one of the groups Jeff led in the winter/spring of 2014. Working seven days a week, trying to discern my vocation, and trying to pay off over six figures worth of debt, I needed someone or something spiritual to help me during the challenging times. I have no doubt that Our Lady placed me under her maternal care and showed me the way. On the feast of the Annunciation (March 25th), I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary. Months later, I had a solution to my debt situation and was accepted as a candidate for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. I am now a clerical oblate and wear the cassock. I am preparing to take final promises in five years and continue to renew my consecration to Mary every day in the choir stalls of my church. Mary, model of every vocation, pray for us!

    Brother Kevin Koski
  • The 33 Days to Morning Glory and now the Consoling the Heart of Jesus retreats have brought me closer to Jesus then I ever knew was possible. You know I prayed a lot if I should start the Consoling retreat so close to ending the 33 days retreat. I started not sure of how it would go. But I am here to tell you that I have been truly amazed at how much I have grown in such a little time! Mere words can not adequately describe what I feel in my heart. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I have such joy and peace in my life. I have a new sense of confidence because I truly know I have a Heavenly Mother and Father that will take care of all my needs if I just give it to them. Mary has brought me to Jesus and I can say deep in my heart: Jesus I trust in you!

    Karen Loney
  • When I first heard about Marian Consecration, I thought it was something that my mom should do, but once I progressed through the program I realized just how fitting this course is for EVERYONE. Picture the perfect mother; gentle, kind, loving, understanding, and always wanting what's best for you. This perfect Mother is Mary, and when we consecrate ourselves to her she gives us all the graces we need, because mothers always know best.

    Age 19
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory is very inspirational. I loved it! It came at a good time in my life and gave me strength through my husband's illness and death. Although I always prayed to the Blessed Virgin, I know her better now. When I kneel down, I understand more and am better prepared to pray. I talk to Mary now, and to Jesus too.

    Marge DePoy
  • Accessible, vivid, even edgy — 33 Days to Morning Glory brings Marian devotion into the modern lives of everyone with enriching freshness. Filled with insights and generously complemented by the saintly writing of St. John Paul II and others, this retreat guides the reader on one of the surest ways to "open wide the doors to Christ": entrusting oneself to Christ's mother, the first who opened her life and heart to Jesus.

    Carl Anderson
    Supreme Knight
    Knights of Columbus
  • Consoling the Heart of Jesus is a form of a weekend retreat accessible to those at the beginning stages of a simple way to holiness. While reading this book, I wished I could have had it in conversing with people of little or practically no faith who yet had a longing for the faith that lies at the core of human existence. These hearts are 'restless until they rest in Thee, Lord,' and this book guides them on a journey to resting in God.

    Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ
    Acclaimed Writer, Speaker, and TV Host
  • WARNING: The One Thing is Three is dangerous. It brims with wisdom and wonder, and with enthusiastic and infectious joy. If you think the Church's teachings are unintelligible, outdated, impersonal, boring, repressive, platitudinous, impractical, or irrelevant; if you think that theology makes no difference to the energy and joy with which you
 live your daily life... then this is the very best book for you... Imagine St.
 John Paul II writing a book on all the mysteries of Catholic theology in a simpler style than he ever used before. You've imagined this book. This
 is the very best example I have ever seen of "the new evangelization" 
in the form of a book for contemporary Catholics.

    Dr. Peter Kreeft
    Renowned Author, Speaker, and Professor of Philosophy
    Boston College